Friday, April 5, 2013

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

Pure Google Inside

New baby!

Isn't that photo amazing? From the 2 pink lines on the test, to the first ultrasound, to the nausea, heartburn, finding out the gender, and then all these amazing little flutters that turn into someone beating you from the inside. Its pretty amazing! 

I am at the point where sometimes I think I could take this photo of myself (this is not my belly above), or maybe even grab a foot or arm because my little child inside is trying desperately to get out right about now! I am 36 weeks, and we just cant wait to meet our new baby.

I had planned to blog about my pregnancy, and time got away from me while trying to continue to work, and take care of my daughter, house, husband, etc. I plan to keep up with it from here on out, as this is probably the most exciting part of pregnancy anyway! Baby shower photos will be posted soon as well as some photos of the nursery. I am also looking to review products for companies, and am hoping to do so as soon as the baby is born. 

Sometimes these companies will also provide a extra product for a giveaway so please stay tuned for all my updates! C Section is scheduled for May 6th...more posts to come later!