Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cotton Candy Nursing Bra by Cake Lingerie *REVIEW*

If you haven't heard of Cake Lingerie and your a nursing mama, you are missing out! Cake Lingerie has a extensive line of maternity/nursing bras. They actually were so kind as to send me their Cotton Candy bra. This bra is one of their best sellers according to the website, and I can absolutely see why!

I struggled while pregnant to feel comfortable with my pre-pregnancy bras, and nothing worked. When I got this bra in the mail, it was in the cutest lingerie bag and I was super excited to open it. I immediately washed it and put it on, and it was like heaven! I was so comfortable instantly. The bra is seamless and is very soft and stretchy. Its not like a sports bra though, it has excellent support.

Once I had my baby, I had this bra with me at the hospital and I immediately put it on. Out of the other nursing bras I have tried, including one from Destination Maternity, and some sports bras from Targets nursing line, this one by Cake absolutely is the best hands down! It is the easiest bra to have on while nursing. Its my favorite, and I wish I had more of them. This bra is perfect for sleeping, or going out! 
Heres a photo of the bra I got, courtesy of their website.

They have other bras as well. You should definitely hop on over to their website HERE to check out their other bras they offer. You will not be disappointed, and I can tell you this will be the best purchase you make. You must have a good bra, didn't you mother ever tell you that?! Well, having a good bra while pregnant and nursing is about 100x more important! Being uncomfortable is expected during pregnancy but Cake Lingerie can make you so much less comfortable when it comes to the ladies!
They have a store locater on their website to show you the nearest location! :)

*I did receive a Cotton Candy Bra from Cake Lingerie, but it was NOT in exchange for a review. This review was something I wanted to do on my own to let other mama's know about a great quality product. I was in no way compensated for this review, and it is all my honest opinion wrote by me only.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

U-Pick Strawberry Field Trip

Its been 3 weeks since school let out and the kids were getting antsy. The pool is open down the road, but I like to wait til its super hot out to go, and with my new little one...Im just not brave enough to go yet without my husband. So off we went to the strawberry farm down the road. I took my kids, along with 3 others. 
The kids had so much fun, but had trouble staying in their own row and not trampling the berries. I think the ladies that run the strawberry farm purposely put us in the kid rows because most of the berries were trampled on and smushed and really small. 
Brecken chillin' with our berries!
We got about 7 green squares full of tiny strawberries. The dark reds were sweet, the bright reds were sour! The kids like the sour ones for some reason. These would have been awesome for smoothies, or to make some strawberry muffins, but they didn't last long in our house with 4 kids and my hubby.
If you have never been to a u-pick farm, google it for your area and you should find a few. Its fun for the kids and usually cheaper. I got all these srawberries (about 6 pounds) at $1.35 a pound and I got 3 nice juicy tomatoes for like $2 a pound. We were there about 2 hours and had a lot of fun!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kroger--Possibly FREE Pampers & Huggies Wipes!

Right now at Kroger they have their "What A Deal!" sale going on. You basically buy 4 participating items, and save $4.00
Included in that sale are select packages of Huggies wipes and Pampers wipes.

Prices below are if you buy 4 products
Pampers Wipes - $0.99
You pay $0.50/each or FREE if your store doubles!

Huggies Wipes - $0.99
You pay $0.50/each or FREE if your store doubles!

Hope this helps! *Look on eBay for coupons if any are needed* Also, please remember if Kroger is sold out, get a rain check!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Brest Friend Deluxe Review+Giveaway!

I was super excited for the opportunity to use and review the pillow called "My Brest Friend". I breastfed the twins, but due to the nature of them being so premature, they were fed by tubes and I pumped. Alexa eventually went to formula and I stopped with all that went on. I used a Boppy pillow back then, and I used her to prop her up basically and thats it!

I dont even remember there being other nursing pillows around back then...7 years ago. Makes me feel old using the term "back then".

However, theres a new product in town this time around for me. I have seen this pillow in Babies R Us, and have heard quite a few people talk about it but didn't know much about it. I still have my boppy from when I had my girls, but I wanted something better than that, so I was super excited when My Brest Friend sent me a pillow in the mail to try out! Check out the pics below...

(This image above shows the bumps on the pillow like a pillow for your baby's head)

(Above shows the removable and adjustable velcro strap)

Now, here is a photos of all the functions, and it explains it a lot better than I can.

Before I show you all of the photos of me actually using it, I have some points to make. It is fairly easy to adjust the strap to fit your own shape, and it does fit very secure. My baby's head was on the pillow as he rested, but as he nursed he did lean forward a bit, but his body and head was much more controlled and felt better and more secure while he nursed than on a Boppy. I have not used the pocket at all, so I can say it may be convenient for some who want to grab the pillow and throw their phone in there and sit down to nurse, but I haven't utilized that feature yet. The only part I didn't like was that it was rather difficult to put this on and get it around me directly after my c section. It was very difficult to move, so sitting forward to get the back piece around me was painful. After about a week, I have used it a lot and its the best support ever for my back, and the baby! On to the photos! Yes...HANDS FREE NURSING!


Use the entry form below to enter to win your very own My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow. I will verify all entries of the winner before announcing. Winner must be 18+ and shipping address must be within the US (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

This review was sponsored by My Brest Friend, and they did provide me with the pillow to give an honest review of my own opinions, and they also provided the prize pillow as well.