Wednesday, June 19, 2013

U-Pick Strawberry Field Trip

Its been 3 weeks since school let out and the kids were getting antsy. The pool is open down the road, but I like to wait til its super hot out to go, and with my new little one...Im just not brave enough to go yet without my husband. So off we went to the strawberry farm down the road. I took my kids, along with 3 others. 
The kids had so much fun, but had trouble staying in their own row and not trampling the berries. I think the ladies that run the strawberry farm purposely put us in the kid rows because most of the berries were trampled on and smushed and really small. 
Brecken chillin' with our berries!
We got about 7 green squares full of tiny strawberries. The dark reds were sweet, the bright reds were sour! The kids like the sour ones for some reason. These would have been awesome for smoothies, or to make some strawberry muffins, but they didn't last long in our house with 4 kids and my hubby.
If you have never been to a u-pick farm, google it for your area and you should find a few. Its fun for the kids and usually cheaper. I got all these srawberries (about 6 pounds) at $1.35 a pound and I got 3 nice juicy tomatoes for like $2 a pound. We were there about 2 hours and had a lot of fun!

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