Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*FREE* Blockbuster Express Codes!!

Ever since all these walk up rental kiosks came out I have been addicted! It's so easy and there are no membership fees! Rentals cost $1.00 plus tax a day, and with the free coupon code your first night is free! So, as long as you return your movie before your next day's charges start, its completely FREE!

You do have to swipe a credit card even if it is free, just in case you don't bring it back, they will charge you! And, remember, you can use one code per credit if you have 3 cards and 3 codes, thats 9 FREE MOVIES! Here are some codes...
  • SSD19B (Expires 9/30)
  • G419A (expires 9/30)
  • G718A
  • G418A
  • GT17A
  • GA19B (Rent one, get one free)

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