Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cuisinart 10 Cup Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker Review

So, here goes my first product review. My mom got me this amazing coffee maker for my birthday. I had a coffee maker before that worked just fine and dandy, however I always take my time sipping my coffee and the burner plate always burnt my coffee to the bottom of the glass, YUCK.
Anyhow, I can tell you it was easy to install right out of the box, but you may not believe me because its a year old and I have no pictures, so I took plenty of me making my morning coffee so everything else about the review would be believable, maybe.
 (Heres a close up)

First step would be to fill pot, pitcher, glass (whatever you normally use to pour the water into the coffee maker) with the desired amount of water. I usually just eyeball my water, and if its not enough I just pour some more. I found that this thermal carafe did a great job of letting me pour the water in.

So, there I go pouring the water in.

For some odd reason, my husband gets literally ill by the smell of coffee. Inevitably, I am the only coffee drinker in my home, because he won't touch the stuff and if my 6 year old tried to drink it, I would probably cry. I usually have 2 cups of coffee, so I usually fill the water to line 5. It seems like 1 cup of coffee is equal enough to 2 lines give or take a little.

Here's my little lovely watermelon full of my Biggby Michigan Cherry Coffee. :-)

I usually put 3 heaping spoonfuls for my 2 cups of coffee.

Now, because I drink between 1-4 cups, I press this nifty button that says 1-4. Supposedly it helps make the coffee hotter and more flavorful, and I LIKE A BOLD CUP OF COFFEE.

Last but not least, I press the circle button on the right that says On/Brew, and make sure before you press that button that the dial is set to Brew and not something crazy like Time, because you will come back 5 minutes later wondering why your coffee didn't brew.

All in all, it is a great coffee maker. It is simple to use. It uses less electricity by not having a plate burner warmer thing on the bottom, but instead using a thermal pot to keep the coffee hot. It can brew up to 10 cups of coffee (in my world thats about 5) in about 5 minutes. 

What I don't like about this brewer is that for only being a year old, and for having such a energy efficient thermal pot, the thermal pot won't work very well at keeping the coffee hot if the coffee is only warm when it comes out. I've contacted Cuisinart and the customer service was very nice and detailed to me how to clean my machine, but that didn't work. 

My coffee is steaming hot as long as the water I put in the coffee pot to brew the coffee is steaming hot, and then the thermal pot keeps it hot, and I am okay with that! This coffee pot is a excellent choice for someone wanting a energy efficient brewer, with a nice sleek look without wanting to spend over $100. If you decide after reading my fabulous review you'd like to order one, click below.

*Disclaimer* These thoughts and opinions are all my own, and were not influenced. I was not paid to conduct this review, nor was I asked to conduct this review. I am in no way affiliated with Cuisinart.

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