Thursday, January 26, 2012


So, theres not that many super crazy over the top awesome deals right now, so I just wanted to post and give new readers (and older) a heads up on some tips to save money on a daily basis. You can't always save money, but most times you can if you take the extra minute.

#1) Before going grocery shopping, sit down at the beginning of the week with your grocery ads and coupons. Look up the current match-ups that other bloggers have found and see if you can plan your meals around these items on sale, and coupon match-ups. You will save a bundle.
#2) If you must eat out, try to do so with a coupon. Most times on the back of the coupon ads like Smartsource there are Olive Garden and Red Lobster coupons, etc. Also, you can save a ton of money by using where you can by a $25 gift card for $2 sometimes, as long as you spend a certain amount you can use that gift card. (For example)
#3)Before going to a store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby google the name of the store with coupon (ie: Michael's Coupon would be typed into google search) Usually a coupon will be available for anywhere from 10% off your purchase to 50% off the purchase of one regularly priced item)
#4) Review major products like TV's and such before you splurge, look around for the cheapest prices and try to price match or talk down. Its not impossibly to talk down a price on a TV at Wal-Mart because I've done it!

Last but not least, have fun with couponing and saving money. Put the extra away for a vacation.
I am working on getting some sponsors to allow me to do reviews on some cool money saving products and maybe even them sponsoring a giveaway as well, so please stay tuned!!

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