Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Painting Party Ideas

I LOVE FALL. I don't really dig the coldness that goes along with the end of fall, and I don't necessarily like Winter, or the snow. I also don't like the leaves falling in the fall, because we have like a million trees on our property, and its a job itself trying to clean them up, but I do LOVE FALL.

I love fall because the kids go back to school, the temps cool down, bon fires/camp fires at night are nice memories for the kiddos with their marshmallows roasting. Hunting season starts, pumpkin spice is around, caramel apple cider, decorating with oranges, reds, & browns. Most of all, I love the fall because my most precious little daughter was born in the fall. We usually celebrate on or near Halloween, and last year we even went to Disney World during their Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party---go there---do that! FUN.

I bought some mums and pumpkins the other day to decorate the yard, and I got a brilliant idea. Why not invite a bunch of kids over and have a pumpkin painting party? Away from school, some crafty fun! I was looking on pinterest and these are my favorite below. I invited some kids over and figured $10 for the pumpkin, art supplies, and a cute snack. 2 hours of crafty fun, and to hear the laughter in my home will be a memory the kids, my daughter, and I will keep for a lifetime. Life is about these moments, spilled paint, playing with our snacks and making weird faces, we should all let the KID in us come out a bit more! 

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Happy Fall Ya'll! :)

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