Monday, February 10, 2014

Crane USA Cool Mist Humidifier Review + Giveaway (Ends 3/1/14)

I hate when my kids are sick. It down right makes me sad to see them all stuffed up and coughing and there is literally next to nothing you can do for it. Did you know that pediatricians and even medication labels say you shouldn't administer any kind of cold & cough medicine, etc to children under the age of 6? Thats right. Keep reading...

Why you ask? Well, it really doesn't help the "cold" or virus buggies go away any sooner, it just temporarily may provide relief, and not to mention there is a HUGE risk for overdose. Pediatricians recommend nasal aspirators, saline nasal solution, & cool must humidifiers to help provide relief. 

Cool mist humidifiers help with preventing nose bleeds by providing much needed moisture in the air (especially in the winter-when your heat dries up the air). They also help by moistening chapped lips, soothing dry skin, they ease those dry barky coughs, and loosen nasal congestion. 

Crane sent me this ADORABLE (literally) Owl Humidifier they offer to review. His name is Oscar The Owl. I was wondering how I would review it to be honest,  without my kids being sick. I did plug it in and learn how easy it was to set up and run, but if neither were sick, I couldnt fully evaluate how helpful it would be. 

THEN BAM! My little on came down with a cold. Funny how those things happen. Thankfully he just had a minor little cough and runny nose...part of winter in Ohio, I suppose. This did help me, however, to provide a very THOROUGH review of my thoughts on how well this thing works. Here are some photos of me setting it all up....

All set up and running perfectly
courtesy of

My sons nursery is relatively small, I would say it is about 8x9. Its big enough to fit a crib, a dresser, and a glider in it...thats it. We ran the humidifier on high all night starting at about 9 PM and by 9AM, it was almost empty. When we ran it the second night on low, by 9 AM the next morning we still had about half of the water left inside the humidifier. I think halfway is where I have found the moisture output to be best for us, and well, for Brecken's slight cold.

Before I turned on the humidifier, he was coughing a lot in his sleep waking himself up. He woke up numerous times the night before, so I was really praying this would provide some relief so we could BOTH sleep.

The night I set this up and turned it on, he only woke up once from coughing. It really helped provide some relief, his dry coughs became a little wetter. I think when the coughs are wetter, they become more productive, and in turn if you cough a good productive cough, you can calm down and get better relief for awhile. My logic may be crazy, but with a dry cough, it just itches and hurts, and you just keep feeling the need to cough. 

My son is also breastfed, and his nose was extremely stuffy. We used our Nose-Frida several times a day to clear his nasal passages so that he could still comfortably nurse, and I was worried about the night time nursing. I would HATE to use that Nose-Frida at 2 AM! He would for SURE wake up. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL that the humidifier provided some crazy awesome relief for his little nose most of all, because he was able to have a clear passage and he was able to nurse and breathe easily at his 2 AM feeding.

Crane USA has been SO generous and wants to give one of you the chance to win your very own Cool Mist Humidifier, either a Drop or Adorable (None that are store exclusives). Please use the rafflecopter below to enter, and please visit Crane USA's social media sites and show them some LOVE!

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