Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Review

Today is the OFFICIAL first day of spring. Happy Spring to everyone! The local ice cream shops are opening, and it is seeming to get a little warmer up here in Ohio, which gives me hope that the snowy days and cold nights are coming to an end! I love SPRING, the weather is PERFECT for working out. When its freezing, I dont like to leave the house...and when it burning hot in the summer...well I dont want to leave the house. This spring air though...its cool enough to keep me cool and refreshed while walking or jogging outside and that...I LOVE!!

My son, Brecken, will be 1 at the end of April. He was just a tiny little new baby last summer, so this will be his first spring and summer. I actually took him on a small walk the other day in our new jogger and he LOVED it. He was so quiet, just looking around.....going along for the ride. He looked AMAZED, as if he was experiencing a whole new world (which he is!). So on to the POINT of this post......

Baby Trend was so nice to send us this amazing jogging stroller to review, and I am SOOOO grateful. We have a stroller that we bought with our travel system, but it was not equipped to handle the rough terrain around here that we walk on or our jogging trails at our parks. I have literally been searching and reading jogging stroller reviews like crazy, and I cant tell you how HAPPY this stroller has made me. I am SERIOUSLY impressed with everything about it, but let me name a few great things about it.

  • ASSEMBLY: Okay, I am NOT the one in the household that puts stuff together. I'm not that technical, and I don't like instructions, because frankly...they confuse the mess out of my head. This stroller was EASY to put together. I did it ALONE. I literally only had to slide the back wheels on until they were in a locking position and then put the top cupholder tray on for the adults and BAM...together! :-) I read NO instructions, and it took 5 minutes. Thats what I call 'Easy Peasy lemon Squeasy'
  • TIRES: These are REAL rubber tires, yep the same ones used on bicycles. They grip everything! I even pushed this thing around my yard covered in snow and ice, and I was IMPRESSED. It moved!! My other stroller failed this challenge, it didnt budge!
  • SMOOTH RIDE: Over the snow and ice in my rough bumpy yard, and the bumpy dirt gravel park trail...this thing is smooth. Especially in the mall...gliding through there was like "Butter" as my husband said! LOL
  • CANOPY: The canopy on this is adjustable and it is extra long so I felt like it provide a little more sun protection than others. It also has a top window screen for seeing your sweet cuddle bug!
  • LARGE STORAGE BASKET: My jujube diaper bag is enormous...because it doubles as my purse also, and this basket was big enough for it so...its a winner in my book just for this reason alone! Plus we had more room to spare!
  • SEAT RECLINE & HARNESS: This seat was super easy to recline and lay back. There is a draw string on the very back of the seat that you pull tight to sit upright, or let out all the way to recline, no levers to get stuck or mechanical issues! Also, it has a 5 point harness, which I appreciate! it was also very easy to adjust to the tightness I needed for my son who is 10 months old & 20 pounds. This seat also will hold a infant carrier! :-)
Those are my personal favorite things about this stroller! I personally really wanted a stroller with an MP3 player for my iphone to connect to, but this stroller has a compartment that you open, and I sat my phone in there on speaker and it actually amplified the sound pretty loud! Also...I don't have to worry about it getting wet and ruining something mechanical on my stroller!

This stroller is very reasonably priced at Wal-Mart for around $114.88! Thats a great deal for an amazing jogging stroller. I highly encourage you to visit the BABY TREND WEBSITE to read more about this stroller, and other strollers or items they offer. The quality is amazing and you wont be disappointed.

Here are some photos to show some GREAT attributes about our new stroller...and of can admire my handsome little guy!!


Instagram: @babytrend

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