Friday, May 30, 2014

Cedar Point Review!

Our family LOVES Cedar Point, and every time we go...we have the BEST time ever! Cedar Point is located about an hour away from us, in Sandusky, OH. Easy location to find, and a beautiful beach view right on Lake Erie. Ride the high roller coasters and other exhibits and get a beautiful view of the water and other islands. The park is extremely accommodating and I will explain why further on! The day we went for a blogger event, they also had Free Veterans entrance! They also frequently offer free admission for active and retired military, and discounted admissions for family! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! A company that shows its pride and appreciation towards our service members is truly something to take note of when looking where to spend your money and vacation this summer! Continue reading for some amazing points....

When we went to Cedar Point the firs time, we were very uneducated about all the great things and accommodations they offer. I was nursing last year when my son was only 3months old and I actually nursed him under a blanket on a  bench because I was unaware of anywhere else in the park to go, and refused to nurse inside a bathroom. This visit I was told as we entered that if I was a nursing mother, I could visit the first aid stations and they would accommodate me. So, time to eat for little guy came around, and we headed for the nearest first aid station. I can not PRAISE them enough. They have a separate room with a nice rocking chair and night stand for me to sit and nurse my baby privately. It was air conditioned, and they even offered me gatorade or a snack. It was VERY relaxing and I felt so welcome, and clean, and refreshed. This is a NUMBER ONE point of why I LOVE CEDAR POINT.

Cedar Point also has an awesome program for parents called the parent swap, or something like that. Basically, one parent stands in line to ride with your kids, but the other parent has to stay down with your younger ones. When the ride is over you have your card stamped and the other parent who was left out the first go around, can now skip up to the front of the line with the kids again so they can also have a shot of riding without waiting in line AGAIN! All parks should be this accommodating and realize that parents have younger kiddos. Isn't it boring to always be the parent down waiting with the younger ones?!

There is actually a great deal that little ones can do at the park also. I was amazed at how many things there were for my 1 year old son to do and look at. Of course, we had to help him, but it was way better than him being bored in a  stroller! I think he had just as much fun as his big sister!

I would also like to point out one other factor that I loved while we were there. They have souvenir plastic cups you can buy one for $12.99, but the day you buy that cup...all refills are FREE!! We drink A LOT while were there in the summer, so this is a great deal, and you get a discount for buying multiple cups. 

You can find all the ticket pricing info, deals, fast lane tickets, and other information on their website at

Pictures to soon follow once I get my phone fixed!!!!!!

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