Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bored this summer? Make a trip to...


It hasn't been the greatest summer up here in Ohio, but atleast we have a pretty cool getaway to ride some AMAZING roller coasters anytime we want! Its been cloudy, rainy, and downright dreary this summer mostly. I hope it starts to brighten up, get a little warmer outside, and let summer show through for the rest of July & August!  

Now on to the fun stuff...ya know...about Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH! Its a nice drive, only about 45 minutes down the turnpike from our house. We got to stay at the NEW and IMPROVED Hotel Breakers for the first time on the most recent trip, and I can't tell you how impressed I was. Well, I guess I can try to break it down.

Lets start with the pool, which is the first thing my kids went for. It was cold when we arrived, so we opted for the indoor pool. The kids had fun throwing a ball around for about an hour. Tons of kids were in there to play with, and they also had a lifeguard on duty. The lifeguard was also paying attention to every detail, which I appreciated since I had a 2 year old. The water was the perfect temperature and so was the air inside the indoor pool area. 

When we left, we ordered pizza for room service and it was very reasonable! With our tip and all it was $15 for a  extra large cheese pizza for the kids. My husband and I went to Chilis downstairs and got take out for us. It was yummy as usual and they were SUPER FAST! On the way back to the room, my kiddos also discovered an arcade room...and we saw SNOOPY!

When you stay at Hotel Breakers you get into Cedar point an hour before everyone else. We did initially think we would be able to get on many of the popular roller coasters before anyone was really in the park, but most big rides don't start till the park opens to the general public. My husband and kids stood in line for Top Thrill Dragster and got to ride pretty much immediately when the park opened.

The big new ride at Cedar Point is THE ROUGAROU! The first FLOORLESS coaster! My kids were eager to try this, but the line was insanely too long. It safe to say they still had tons of fun, and we didn't leave till about 10 PM! We were all tired, but riding roller coasters and eating yummy food all day was just what we needed in this dreary Ohio summer. Cedar Point is the perfect place for our family to have a fun getaway or fun day because my husband and daughter can ride the big coasters and my 2 year old and I can hang out in Snoopy Land. The have a TON of little rides Brecken and I can ride. He would stay there all day if I let him. Its definitely FUN FOR ALL.

If you are looking for fun make the trip out and stay at Hotel Breakers and spend the day or weekend at Cedar Point.

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