Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ribs & Sleep

Can't believe how fast time has went by, but doesn't it always when your having fun? Having fun or sleep deprived. Yep, I said much fun as it is to bring a new baby into the world and especially watching my oldest interact with my newest, I am totally a walking zombie. Appointments go by that I have completely forgotten about, I've forgotten to make my own appointments, missed paperwork deadlines, forgot about homework, forgot to return phone calls, and more!

However, as sleep deprived as I son is getting his slumbers. He is 1 month old now, and he is starting to stay awake and become more alert throughout the day. He still mostly sleeps, though. So far I have been blessed with a calm baby. I've recognized his cries and pinpointed them to "hungry", "change diaper", "rock me". Thats pretty much it. Heres a new photo of him dreaming away...

I was extremely exhausted yesterday, but still managed to remember to get the ribs out of the freezer so they'd be ready to cook today. Amazingly enough, I also remembered today to start them in the over early enough to let them cook a few hours. This was my first time attempting to cook ribs in the oven, and the last 20 minutes we did put them on the grill. They were really good and tender, and my super picky eater even tried it and loved it!

Thats all folks!

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