Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Honest Company Review Diapers/Wipes

Jessica Alba started The Honest Company with Chris Gavigan, to make affordable, non-toxic, eco-friendly products. They really have expanded their lines to include an array of products all the way down to sunscreen and laundry detergent and floor cleaner, but I'm focusing on what I have used so far which is the diapers and wipes. 
Above here is a photo of the packages you'd receive in a bundle. A bundle is their monthly subscription for diapers and wipes. You get 6 jumbo packages of diapers and 4 packages of wipes. The bundle is $79.95 a month, however you are able to push back your subscription if you need to wait longer for more diapers & wipes, or until your paycheck comes. Also, you can cancel your subscription at ANY time. You do have to call to cancel but they are super nice, and very easy to cancel.

The best thing about their diapers are the designs! They are so incredibly cute, for boys and girls! No need to worry about needing a diaper cover anymore, these are so cute and you can opt for different designs when ordering a bundle, you can even change the designs and sizes right online for your next bundle. I used the diapers on my son, and they are equally as good as any other name brand. I haven't had any leaks so far in these diapers, but I did have a leak with Huggies so far, so I would say these are better! I have only had one month subscription so far and have gotten through about half the month since my bundle arrived and I LOVE them so far. It does seem like it would be just enough for a one month supply. My husbands cousin is also a subscriber and she said she has a lot of wipes left over because she doesnt use that many, but I seem to be using them enough to probably use up the 4 packages a month.

Right now when you order a bundle you can get 35% off. Normally a bundle is $79.95 but until June 12th if you type in the code DM35OFF you can get a bundle for around $52 shipped! Click HERE to sign up and look around and see if a bundle is for you!

Please use the link below to get your bundle or sign up for a free trial! Free trial is only $5.95 but you must cancel within 7 days of receiving your trial or you will be charged for a bundled subscription!

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