Thursday, September 12, 2013


I have an affair with my mailbox. I admit it, there. My husband thinks it is the funniest thing to try and get the mail before I can, because he knows how much I love my mail. Well, yes of course I get bills, ads, and useless junk mail, but I get coupons and sometimes companies even send me goodies!

I had wrote King's Hawaiian back in January with a comment, and got a simple reply. That was the end, or so I thought. They recently launched a new product from King's Hawaiian. Sliced Bread. They have the rolls, then buns, and even the big bowls for spinach dip, and now they have BREAD!

When I checked the mail, they had sent me a huge package, just to say "Hi" and introduce their new product to me! They sent me an ENTIRE loaf of bread, a reuseable shopping bag that had their logo on it, some cool orange King's Hawaiian sunglasses that my husband stole from me, and a free product coupon. The free coupon was for anything I wanted, bread, buns, or rolls. Along with all this they sent a nice letter, and some recipe cards to try out their new bread.

Everything they sent me! :)

I made their gourmet grilled cheese, and also lathered up some toasted bread with some Kroger spinach dip and it was delicious! Initially, I was going to give my free product coupon away to one of my readers, but King's Hawaiian was so generous....they sent me another one to give away to one of you! Without waiting any longer...enter the giveaway below! One lucky person will win a free product coupon, and 2 recipe cards! :) GO!

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  1. My entire family loves King's Hawaiian! Love this giveaway!