Monday, September 23, 2013

Review on Snappies Containers

When I had my son in April, I was sent home with a little newborn package and they had these convenient little storage containers in it. I used them to store my breastmilk in, and ran out. Well, the good people over @ Snappies sent me some more to use and all different kinds for a review here. 

You may have also been sent home with Snappies if you just had a baby, and you can also get them inside some Enfamil gifts from your pediatricians office. They have different kinds of Snappies also, and I will outline them below.

The kind I got at the hospital were the 2.3 oz Snappie, but they also have a smaller 1 oz. for those first few days when only that LIQUID GOLD (colostrum) is coming in as seen below...
(Different sizes of Snappies)

I love the idea of the little 1 oz one. Personally, in the first few days when your milk supply is still little, these 1 oz. Snappies are the way to go!
I used a TON of the 2.3 oz. snappies the first 2 months. They are super easy to use and you can literally open and close these with one hand using your thumb! I just snap it open, and snap it closed with one hand. Its secure when you hear that "SNAP". I can't stress to you how awesome it is to not look for the lid to these when you are done pumping! YOU NEVER LOSE THE LID! :)  I have never had an issue with these. I love how they have a section on the container where it is labeled for you to write in your info on it. That is perfect for daycare, or anywhere on the go! These containers screw onto ANY pump, or you can easily hand express into these. 
(The label you can write on)

Snappies also has a line of *Snackies*, these little containers are primary eye catching colors of Red, Green, & Blue! They are great on-the-go snack containers for you and the kids! Here are some benefits per the Snappies website. I used these to put cheerios in for my daughter, and could see myself doing the same for my little one as soon as he is big enough. They are really compact, so they dont take a ton of space up in the diaper bag at all!

  • 100% polypropylene is food safe* and BPA-free
  • dishwasher-safe and ideal for repeat use
  • air-tight and leak resistant for liquids or dry snacks
  • aseptic interior is ready to go right out of the package
  • sturdy flip-top easily opens and closes with one hand
  • 2.5 oz. size meets regulations for air travel

Also available at are traveler or home organizers that are 2.0 oz.

For more information, or to order some Snappies for yourself...head on over to their website HERE

*I did received these products to test out for myself free of charge in return for this review. All opinions are my own honest opinions. I was not paid monetarily to conduct this review. 

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