Friday, September 20, 2013

Have you heard of SwagBucks?

Have you heard of SwagBucks? I first signed up about 3 years ago, and I have earned over $300 in gift cards so far just for using their search engine. I actually installed their toolbar search and I use it about twice a day to win "Swagbucks". Once you earn enough "swagbucks", you go to the rewards center and you can redeem them. They have low redemptions, even 1 swagbucks can enter you into a contest to win more Swagbucks, or other cool items like you see above. 

I have always saved my Swagbucks until I reach 450, which only takes about a week to earn, and I redeem that 450 for a $5 amazon gift card. I save them all up until I can buy something I really want, or I have even used them for christmas presents in the past. Its a great way to have some extra online spending money, and its completely LEGIT! 

Head on over HERE, and sign up. You can download their tool bar for searching, or you can simply visit their website and search daily when your signed in to win. They also have other methods of earning such as daily surveys, polls, etc.


*There are referral links in this post, and I may be compensated from referring you. Otherwise, this was not a paid or sponsored post from Swagbucks by any means. All opinions stated are my own and are honest. *

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