Friday, September 20, 2013


Thanking my lucky stars that I made it through the week and now it has finally precious day...Friday! The only real reason I am happy to see Friday is because my daughter in in school, and waking up with her after being up multiple times with a teething baby, makes for a grumpy me. I feel flustered when I dont get enough sleep, and my to-do lists never get done, so then I start to freak out. 

I love to chill out on the weekends, and just relax. I hate plans on the weekends! My daughter actually has cheerleading on Saturdays now, but its not for very long and I can handle that. 

On this Friday, I plan to finish some work from home, get up to speed with my laundry room that is currently overflowing, and fill my house with some food (yep! we're running low). What do you like about Friday, and what do you plan on doing today to get ready for the weekend?


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