Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Honest Company Review *NEW WIPES*

To be honest, I am a wipe snob. I can experiment around with diapers, and if they blow out...just change them more often. I can work with the diaper thing...wipes...either work or don't.
I have stuck with one brand of wipes the whole time this past 5 months since my son has been born. I have actually ordered from Honest many times, and I usually give their wipes away. The first round of wipes from them were thin, the second round was thicker and a ton better, but still not for me. They obviously LISTEN to their customers, because they just revamped their wipes again for us! 

I got the new wipes a few weeks ago, and they are AMAZING. I will not be giving these away anymore, they are mine-ALL MINE! They have changed so much, they are just down right awesome now. 

They actually seem more moist, but there are more important things that make these wipes awesome now. The Honest Company has now embossed these thicker wipes. That means, its picking up more...stuff! These wipes are just moist enough, they aren't smelly of perfumes, or slipper, slimy! They don't tear apart either. The new wipes also have this amazing new feature that I just can't live without...they are now INTERLOCKED! 


They were not interlocked before and you had to dig them out almost. I am so excited about this. Sometimes I do have to yank at the wipe, but for the most part these new improvements make these wipes my GO TO WIPE now! I am a WIPE SNOB FOR HONEST! :) 

I highly suggest signing up for their free trial. You can try a sample pack of their diapers (6), with a travel pack of wipes (10 wipes) and just pay shipping $5.95. You can also check out their trials for vitamins, and home essentials! I have a monthly bundle for diapers and wipes. With the bundle, I get 6 packages of diapers and 4 packages of wipes for $79.99---free shipping! I always call in to place my monthly order because I like to mix and match my sizes and my designs. You can do this online though as long as you dont want to mix sizes. You also can push back your shipment date, if you arent ready for one and there is no charge. 

If you are interested in trying their new wipes, a trial, or even a bundled package head on over there by clicking HERE, or the link below. Sign up and if you have any questions along the way...the folks over at The Honest Company would be happy to answer your phone call and answer any questions you may have! :) 1-888-862-8818

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