Thursday, October 3, 2013

Asking Companies for Coupons..+ Master List

Did you know that there are other ways of obtaining coupons for products you buy and love? You don't have to clip from the Sunday paper. If you're like me, you go out all day running around on Sunday, and you come home with everything BUT the Sunday paper. Oh well, I have found other ways around this.

If there are certain things you buy religiously like Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ for or give them a call and tell them how much your family loves it. Ask if they have some spare coupons they wouldn't mind sending your way. They usually will, and by the way Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ has sent me some $0.50 cent coupons before in the mail simply for asking. I will list below some company's that will send out coupons if you ask nicely.

I check these sites below daily to see what they hot deals are and if something catches my eye, I will order the coupon usually off of eBay if I can find it. Sometimes, you can even message the seller on eBay and ask them to lower the price a little bit if you can pay immediately or if you need a higher quantity. You can also trade coupons for the ones you need on sites like and

The sites I go to for deals and matchups are...

These sites also help and they have deals found by users like you and I in their each separate category. So if you wanted just the hot deals at Kroger, you'd go to the Kroger forum. These sites also have a search option to search for a coupon available either out of the paper or printable version.


*Compliment them-they often hear complaints and hearing a praise will likely get you a nice coupon, possibly even a freebie! 
*If you are complaining, be nice about it and offer some constructive criticism on how they can improve the problem.

*Join the challenge, and e-mail or call these companies. Come back and leave a comment letting us know what you received! :)

A-1 Steak Sauce Contact Us 
Act II Microwave Popcorn - Contact Us
[]Agri-Link Foods[/url] (Birds-Eye) Contact Us
Alka-Seltzer - Contact Us
Alphabits - Contact Us
Altoids - Contact Us
American Almond - Contact Us

American Rice, Inc. - Contact Us
American Roland Food Corporation - Contact Us
Athenos - Contact Us
Apple Jacks (Kellogg's) - Contact Us
Apple Time - Contact Us
Archway cookies - Contact Us
Arm and Hammer Baking Soda - Contact Us
Aunt Jemima Contact Us
Aunt Nellie's - Contact Us
AZTECA FOODS Tortillas, Salad Shells & Chips-Contact Us
Baker's Chocolate & Coconut - Contact Us
Balance Bar - Contact Us
Ball Park Franks - Contact Us
Barnum Animal Crackers - Contact Us
Baskin Robbins - The Birthday Center - Sign Up 
Bays English Muffins - Contact Us
Beech-Nut Baby Food - Contact Us
Ben and Jerry's Contact Us
Berstein's Italian Dressing - Contact Us
Bertolli Pasta, Olive Oil & Sauces - Contact Us - main webpage says to contact by telephone - 1-800-328-7248
Betty Crocker - Contact Us
Bigelow Tea - Contact Us
Birds Eye - Contact Us
Bisquick - Contact Us
Blue Bunny Ice Cream - Contact Us
Blue Boy - Contact Us
Blue Diamond Almonds - Contact Us
Blue Ribbon Spices - Contact Us
B. Manschewitz Comp - Contact Us
Boboli - Contact Us
Bob's Red Mill - Contact Us
Boca Burger - Contact Us
Breyer's Ice Cream Contact Us
Breyer's Yogurt - Contact Us
Bridgford Foods - Contact info on bottom of the page
Brooks Chili - Contact Us
Bruce Food Products - Contact Us
Buitoni - Contact Us
Bumblebee TunaContact Us
Brummel & Brown - Contact Us
Burleson's Honey Web Site - Contact Us
Bush's Beans - Contact Us
Butterball - Contact Us
Butter Buds - Contact Us
Cadbury's - Contact Us
California Sun Dry - Contact Us
Calavo Avocados - Contact Us
Campbell's Soup - Contact Us
Canola Information Service - Contact Us
Capri Sun - Contact Us
Carl Buddig - Contact Us
Carnation Baby - Contact Us
Carnation Milk - Contact Us
Carolina Enriched Rice - Contact Us
Carolina Turkey - Contact Us
Casa Fiesta Recipe - Contact Us
Cascadian Farm - Contact Us
Castleberry's Food Co. - Contact Us
Cattleman's Sauces - Contact Us
Celeste Pizza - Contact Us
Celestial Seasonings - Contact Us
Challenge Butter - Contact Us
Cheerios - Contact Us
Cheese Nips - Contact Us
Cheese Whiz - Contact Us
Cheez-It Contact Us
Chex Cereal - Contact Us
Chex Party Mix - Contact Us
Chicken of the Sea - Contact Us
Chips Ahoy - Contact Us
Chiquita - Contact Us
Clabber Girl Baking Powder - Contact Us
Clif Products - Contact Us
Coca-Cola - Contact Us
College Inn Contact Us
Comstock Pie FillingContact Us
ConAgra Foods - Contact Us
Contadina - Contact Us
Contadina Foodservice - Contact Us
Cool Whip - Contact Us
Country Crock - Contact Us
Country Time - Contact Us
Cream of Wheat - Contact Us
Creamora - Contact Us
Crisco - Contact Us
Crystal Light - Contact Us
Dannon - Contact Us
Del Monte - Contact Us
Del Monte Food Ingredients Group - Contact Us
Del Monte Foodservice - Contact Us
Diamond A - Contact Us 
Digiorno Pizza - Contact Us
Diamond Walnuts - Contact Us
Dole Food Company - Contact Us
Domino Sugar - Contact Us
Dreyer's Ice Cream - Contact Us
Dr. Pepper - Contact Us
Duncan Hines - Contact Us
Durkee Spices - Contact Us
8th Continent - Contact Us
Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk - Contact Us
Eagle Mills - Contact Us
Earth's Best Baby Food - Contact Us
Earthbound Farm - Contact Us
Edy's Ice Cream - Contact Us
Egg Beaters - Contact Us 
Eskimo Pie - Contact Us
Empire Kosher - Contact Us - bottom of page
Equal - Contact Us
Evian Water - Contact Us
Farmer John - Contact Us
Fisher Nuts - Contact Us
Fleischmann's Yeast - Contact Us
Folgers - Contact Us
Frank's Red Hot - Contact Us
French's - Contact Us
Fresh Express - Contact Us
Frito-Lay - Contact Us
Gardenburger - Contact Us
General Mills - Contact Us
General Foods International Coffees - Contact Us
Gerber - Contact Us
Gevalia - Contact Us
Ghirardelli Chocolate - Contact Us
Gilroy Foods - Contact Us
Godiva - Contact Us
Good Humor - Contact Us
Good Seasons - Contact Us
Gorton's - Contact Us
Goya Foods -Contact Us
Gravy Master - Contact Us
Green Giant - Contact Us
Grey Poupon - Contact Us
Guiltness Gourmet - Contact Us
Haagen-Dazs -Contact Us
Hamburger Helper - Contact Us
Hammon's Black Walnuts -Contact Us
Handi-Snacks - Contact Us
Hawaii's Own - Contact Us 
Healthy Choice-Contact Us 
Hefty - Contact Us
Heinz - Contact Us
Heinz Baby - Contact Us
Heinz Ketchup - Contact Us
Hellman's -Contact Us
Heluva Good Quality Foods -Contact Us
Hershey Foods - Contact Us
Hidden Valley Ranch - Contact Us
Hodgson Mill - Contact Us
Holland House Cooking Wine - Contact Us
Holsum Butter-Krust Bakers - Contact Us
Honeydew Canada Foods - Contact Us
Honey Maid Graham Crackers - Contact Us
Hormel Foods - Contact Us
Husman's Snack Foods - Contact Us
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - Contact Us
Jack's - Contact Us
Jello - Contact Us
Jelly Belly - Contact Us 
Jet Puffed Marshmallows - Contact Us
Jif Peanut Butter - Contact Us
Jiffy Mix - Contact Us
Jimmy Dean - Contact Us
Johnsonville - Contact Us
Jolly Time Popcorn - Contact Us
Karo Syrup - Contact Us
Keebler - Contact Us
Keller's Contact Us
Kikkoman - Contact Us
King Oscar Sardines - Contact Us 
Klondike Bars - Contact Us
Knorr Contact Us
Knox Gelatine - Contact Us
Kool-Aid - Contact Us
Kozy Shack Puddings and Desserts - Contact Us
Kraft - Contact Us
LaChoy Contact Us
Land O' FrostContact Us
Land O'Lakes Contact Us
Lawry'sContact Us
Lenders Bagels - Contact Us
LifesaversContact Us 
Libby'sContact Us
Life CerealContact Us
Light n' Lively Yogurt - Contact Us
Lipton Recipe SecretsContact Us
Lipton TeaContact Us
Little Debbie SnacksContact Us
Log Cabin SyrupContact Us
Louis Kemp SeafoodContact Us
Mahatma Rice - Contact Us
Malt-O-Meal - Contact Us
Marshmallow Fluff - Contact Us
Martha White - Contact Us
MarzettiContact Us
Mauna Loa - Contact Us 
Maxwell House - Contact Us
Mazola Oil - Contact Us
McCormick - Contact Us
McKee Foods - Contact Us
McKenzies - Contact Us
Melissa's Specialty Foods - Contact Us
Milk-Bone - Contact UsMillstone Coffee - Contact Us
Minute Maid - Contact Us
Minute Rice - Contact Us
Minute Tapioca - Contact Us
Miracle Whip - Contact Us
Mission Foods - Contact Us
Mott's Contact Us
Moon Pie - Contact Us
Morton Salt - Contact Us
Morningstar Farms - Contact Us
Mrs. Butterworths Contact Us
Mrs. Paul's - Contact Us
Mrs. Smith's - Contact Us
Mt. Olive Pickles - Contact Us
Nabisco - Contact Us
Nalley Fine Foods - Contact Us
NatraTaste - Contact Us
Natrol - Contact Us
Near East - Contact Us 
NECCO - Contact Us
Nestle - Contact Us
Nestle Toll House - Contact Us
Newman's Own - Contact Us
Newtons - Contact Us
Nilla Wafers - Contact Us
None Such - Contact Us
Norbest, Inc. - Contact Us
Nutrasweet - Contact Us
Nuttela - Contact Us
Nutter Butter - Contact Us
Ocean Spray - Contact Us
Old El Paso - Contact Us
Olean - Contact Us
Ore-Ida - Contact Us
Oreo - Contact Us
Ortega - Contact Us
Oscar Mayer - Contact Us
Pace Foods - Contact Us
Paul Newman's Own - Contact Us
Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry - Contact UsPenzeys Spices - Contact info top left corner 
Pepsi - Contact Us
Perdue Farms - Contact Us
Perrier - Contact Us
Peter's Chocolate - Contact Us
Pierce Foods/Pilgrim's Pride - Contact Us
Pillsbury - Contact Us
Planters Peanuts - Contact Us
Polly-O - Contact Us
Pop Secret - Contact Us
Post Cereal - Contact Us
Premium Saltine Crackers - Contact Us
Pringles - Contact Us
Procter & Gamble - Contact Us
Progresso Quality Foods - Contact Us
Promise Spreads - Contact Us
Purity Foods - Contact Us
Ragu - Contact Us
Ramen Noodles - Contact Us
Ready Crust - Keebler - Contact Us
Ready Pac Produce - Contact Us
Real Lemon - Contact Us
Reddi-Wip - Contact Us
Redi-Base - Contact Info on the right side of the page
Red Star Yeast - Contact Us
Rhodes Bake and Serve Frozen Dough - Contact Us
Rice-A-Roni and Pasta Roni - Contact Us
Rice Krispies - Contact Us
Rice Select - Contact Us
Rich's Online - Contact Us
Ritz Crackers - Contact Us
Ritz Bits - Contact Us
Robin Hood Flour - Contact Us
Roland Foods - Contact Us
Ronzoni Contact Us
Rosetto Pasta - Contact Us
Ruiz Food Products - Contact Us
Saffola - Contact Us -website is currently under construction message
SAF Perfect Rise Yeast - Contact Us
Sara Lee - Contact Us
Sargento - Contact Us
SC Johnson - Contact Us
SeaPak - Contact Us
Seneca Foods - Contact Us
7-Up - Contact Us
Skippy Peanut Butter - Contact Us
Silk - [Contact Us
Smuckers - Contact Us
SnackWells - Contact Us
Snapple - Contact Us
Snickers - Contact Us
Snyder's of Hanover Contact Us
Snyder of Berlin - Contact Us
Spam - Contact Us
Specialty Cheese Company - Contact Us
Spice Islands - Contact Us
Starkist Tuna - Contact Us
Steens Syrup - Contact info on bottom of the page
Stinson Seafood Company - Contact Us
Stoneyfield Farm - Contact Us
Stouffer's - Contact Us
Stove-Top - Contact Us
Success Rice - Contact Us
Sue Bee Honey - Contact Us
Sugar in the Raw - Contact Us (click on contact us at the top of the page)
Sunbelt Snacks and Cereals - Contact Us
Sunkist - Contact Us
Sun-Maid - Contact Us
Sunny Delight - Contact Us
Sunrise Soya Foods - Contact Us- phone number at bottom of webpage
Sun-Rype - Contact Us
Super Moist Cake Mix - Contact Us
Sure-Jell - Contact Us
Swanson Broth - Contact Us
Sweet 'N Low - Contact Us (click on contact us at top of page)
Sweet One - Contact Us
Swiss Miss - Contact Us
Tabasco - Contact Us
Take Control Spreads - Contact Us
Tastykake - Contact Us
TCBY - Contact Us
Teddy Grahams - Contact Us
Tide - Contact Us
Tim's Cascade Chips - Contact Us
Tofutti - Contact Us
Tombstone Pizza - Contact Us
Top Ramen - Contact Us
Torani - Contact Us
Total Cereal - Contact Us
Triscuit - Contact Us
Tropicana Juice - Contact Us
Turbana Bananas - Contact Us - Contact info on bottom of home page
Turkey Hill -Contact Us you can contact them every 30 days and request coupons for their products. long expiration dates.
Turkey Store - Contact Us
Tyson Chicken - Contact Us

Uncle Ben's - Contact Us
V8 Vegetable Juice - Contact Us
Van de Kamp's - Contact Us
Vaseline - Contact Us
Velveeta - Contact Us
Vienna Fingers - Keebler - Contact Us
Vita-Spelt - Contact Us - info at bottom of page
Vlasic Contact Us 
Welch's - Contact Us
Wheaties Cereal - Contact Us
Wheat Thins - Contact Us
Wilderness Brand Contact Us - note this is a division of birdseye
Wilton Enterprises - Contact Us
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing - Contact Us
Yoplait - Contact Us
Yuban - Contact Us
Yves Veggie Cuisine - Contact Us
Zatarain's - Contact Us
Zantac 75 - Contact Us

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