Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government shut down=Hard times, no WIC...

I am not too political or anything, but when the whole government shuts down will catch my eye. I just had my baby in late April, and belong to a few birth boards. I am very familiar with how much WIC helped me when I had my daughter, and how much it helps mothers all over this country. I know a ton of mothers who wouldnt have been able to nurse their babies without proper assistance and support from WIC, and for the mothers who can't nurse, WIC provides them with formula to feed their babies. This program is essential to feed our children.

With all that being said, here is a list of ways to obtain help with formula, baby food if you need assistance during this situation with our government. I will also post a separate post about ways to get coupons and help with food as well.

*Call the manufacturer, tell them you were on WIC and if your WIC office is being shut down temporarily explain to them. Ask if they have any samples or full size cans they can send to help you out. I have gotten samples from formula companies before and they have mostly been full size cans. If they have nothing they can send you like formula, ask for coupons or extra checks or anything higher value they can please help you with. I know Enfamil has sent me out a higher value $5 check before to help me get the D-Vi-Sol. Similac also has actually sent me coupons like $3 and $5 off and I can use those WITH their formula checks.

*Ask for local help at a church, or community centers may be in your area to help. Contact your local church or food pantry and ask them. Churches are there to be of service and help if they can, and if not they have excellent resources to point you in the right direction.

* Call or visit your pediatricians office and ask them for help. They usually have samples at the office they can give you to help out if you are in a pinch, and sometimes the have coupons available where you can call the manufacturer and you qualify for a free case shipped to your house. They have done this with Enfmail Newborn and Enfamil Gentlease. They even have some of these coupons on eBay.

---Enfamil 1-800-BABY123
--- Gerber- 1-800-284-9488
---Parent's Choice- 1-800-538-9852
---Earth's Best- 1-800-434-4246

*eBay has tons of formula coupons.

*Craigslist has formula for sale for normally a fraction of the price. Sometimes people even get those sample packs in the mail, and wont use them because they are nursing.

For baby food, do the same...write the manufacturer. Gerber is awesome about coupons. Really for baby food, you can use your own food and just mash it with a food can get quite expensive.

I hope I helped a bit. If anyone needs additional resources, please e-mail me and I will do my best to help out in anyway that I can.

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