Saturday, October 19, 2013

#Cuppow Review *Turn a Mason Jar Into What?!*

All of these are awesome ideas from their website for the BNTO Lunchbox!
I am so excited to have had the opportunity to review some products from Cuppow! Have you heard of them or seen their products? If not, you are in for some great information here that will send you running to see where you can find your own! The folks over there were so generous and sent me some products to try out for myself, and I can't wait to show you the pictures. Before I do, I want to share with ya'll a little about the Cuppow company.

  • 100% Made in America!
  • They encourage you to buy local!
  • BPA and phthalate free food-grade recycled plastic 
#Cuppow has such an informative About Me page, and I really encourage you to head on over and read it straight from them. I am proud to be working with such great people on this review. They really are concerned with manufacturing a quality product for everyone, one that is family friendly, can promote jobs and money in the USA, and reducing our waste with these reusable products! 

#Cuppow's main product are canning jar drinking lids! Cuppow's products vary but they all turn regular ole' mason jars into different things like a sippy cup, a cup with a lid for a straw, a lunchbox (Yes really!), and more! This recycling of a mason jar into other uses will greatly reduce our footprint on the landfills. 
Different ways to use the canning jar drinking lid

One awesome way to utilize the BNTO lunchbox!

Cuppw was so nice and sent me a few products to try out and I just love them. My first drink inside the mason jar with the canning jar drinking lid was iced coffee, although you can do hot too! I used a straw and just felt spiffy using it! I took some pictures of when I put some gatorade in it for my daughter below...

They were also super nice and also sent me a BNTO (their lunchbox version). I used this for my husbands lunch at work. I find that its best for things that you dont want getting moist or if you dont want two things to mix. Like soup, put cheese and tortilla chips on top in the container so that you can heat your soup and then pour the cheese and chips on top. You could also do a salad, with dressing up top in the container, which is what I used it for. We also did yogurt with granola on top! YUM!

To find a retailer nearest you that carries Cuppow products click HERE. You can also buy on their website directly by clicking HERE! Follow my friends at Cuppow by clicking the links below!

Thank you to Cuppow for providing these to us free of charge for a review. Even though we did receive these products free for the review, this did not alter our opinion of these products. This post was written by Samantha Colbert of Coupon Swag, and all opinions are my own and are honest.

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