Thursday, October 24, 2013

So much coming up...

We have so much coming up this weekend! Reviews and Giveaways from Earth's Best & Edible Arrangements! YUM!

We have a huge redecorating segment coming up sometime in November/December. This is mainly a DIY makeover, and we are including tons of items from Etsy shop owners. I truly believe handmade gifts are the best, and these shop owners put so much time and effort into creating these perfect items. I can't wait to showcase all the shops so you can shop to redecorate each room in your home! We will be doing a dining room makeover, bedroom makeover, nursery makeover. We also will consider doing a playroom makeover, master bedroom makeover, & bathroom, but that will not be possible until after the new year. We have some spots still open to showcase your products in our redecorating makeover! If interested, please e-mail me at
Spots we have open are below...
Picture Frames
Anything else that can be helped to decorate or organize a room
--We have vinyls, canvas's, curtains, and runners already being sponsored from Etsy owners.--


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