Friday, October 25, 2013

Photography, anyone?

I love photographs. They capture the still sweet moments in life. Memories may fade with time, but when a photograph captures that moment, whether it be your house, your haircut, your project, your garden, or family portraits, it freezes that moment in time so you can always look back on that.

I never had a really good camera until my husband bought me an awesome one for my birthday a couple years ago. Its been fun learning to use it, and taking photos of my kiddos and nature. My brother even got me an extra lens, that focuses in on things at a closer distance. I just purchased my third lens and I am so excited to get it and play around with it. I have even considered dabbling in photography a bit.

Are any of my readers phtographers, or does anyone dabble in it for fun? I'd love to hear any tips you have! Any certain things you love to photograph? My favorite photos to take are of my little ones. Just love capturing the moments with them, since they grow up way too fast! Praise be to Jesus! Thank you Lord for allowing me to capture these moments! :)


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