Monday, January 13, 2014

Earth's Best Review + Giveaway (ends 1/31/2014)

Earth's Best is a GREAT company. A lot of my mommy friends know they offer yummy baby food in the "pouches", but they also have diapers and wipes and snacks! They were super nice to send me over a package when Brecken was born for us to review some of their products, but its taken this long just to get him into size 3 diapers and to try the food they sent. They sent a package of diapers (which are chlorine free and SUPER SOFT!), a tub of their baby wipes and a to-go soft package of baby wipes. They also send me some Crunchin Crackers, Sunny Days Apple bars, and a big box of pouches that had Baby's First Bananas in it! Thank you SO much to Earth's Best for sending us this package, we really enjoyed trying all of the products and we were really pleased with it all!

First I'd like to start with the diapers and wipes because I am SO pleased with them. I have used other brands before and they have a perfumey smell to them, they have beads that fall out and gooey stuff that gets all over my baby (WHICH IS NOT FUN TO CLEAN UP!!), and I have had diapers that don't hold a DARN THING! (Which is also NOT fun to clean up!!) Earth's Best diapers have NO CHLORINE in them, they are latex-free, perfume-free, and dye-free
They have no chemical smell, which why should they!? I have always wondered why diapers smelled funny, if a baby poops, you should be able to smell it and change it right away...right? Thats just my logical thinking there. I have read a lot online about baby's wearing diapers and getting chemical burns on their legs and bum due to all the chemicals and perfumes in diapers, all those chemicals that Earth's Best diapers DONT HAVE! I feel SAFE putting a Earth's Best diaper on my son. 
Earth's Best Diapers
I do think that their diapers are a bit pricier than other brands, and I haven't come across any coupons for the brand, but you can find them on Amazon for 140 diapers for about $44. I absolutely think they are worth their price and encourage you to atleast give them a try.

Earth's Best Baby Wipes
I also got to sample their baby wipes! They are also chlorine free. The feel of these wipes is comparable to Pampers wipes. I really like the smell of these wipes, and I felt like they really cleaned my baby's bum. Instead of just feeling wet and slimy like other wipes do, these had a soapy feel, yet no stickiness or residue left behind. The wipes were soft, and they were easy to pull out of the box and the to-go soft package. I prefer the soft package to-go wipes because I felt it was easier to pull the wipes out, and I felt they stayed more moist in that package.

We have not had a chance to try the Crunchin Crackers or the Apple Bars, but hopefully soon now that we are finally growing some teeth! Yes, I said TEETH! His first popped up on Christmas day, and now the second is coming in quickly! We have EBF since day one and little guy wasn't real interested in eating until about 7-8 months. He still only eats maybe 1 pouch a day, if that. The first food we tried was Earth's Best First Bananas. At first, he had to adjust to flavor and texture and learn to quit pushing the bananas back out with his tongue, haha. Isn't it funny learning to eat?! Now, his favorite food is Bananas & Sweet potatoes. These pouches are so versatile. I can squeeze them into a bowl and warm it up, I can take it on the go and feed him with a spoon on the run, or I can hand the pouch to him and let him ATTEMPT to feed himself. The last option ends up MESSY

We have tried other pouches of food from Earth's Best and so far another favorite of Brecken's is the Banana Blueberry!
  I have personally tasted the Bananas and the Banana Blueberry, and I could eat them for dessert, they are DELICIOUS
Getting ready for Earth's Best Bananas!

Earth's Best has sent me an extra box of the Sunny Days Apple Bars to giveaway! Please visit their website at and leave a comment below letting me know what product interests you most. I will use to choose a winner on 1/31/2014

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