Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review Safety 1st Incognito Kid-Positioning Seat

You may remember back in December when I posted about a new booster seat for older children coming soon. Well, Safety 1st has released the Incognito Kid-Positioning Seat. I was really excited when Safety 1st sent me on to try out, specifically because I have an 8 year old daughter who HATES the thought of a "baby booster".

Whenever I have questions about carseats I turn to my local fire station. They are a GREAT resource for learning about carseat requirements and learning how to properly install a carseat. I was shocked when they told me how long children should be in a booster type seat, but I understood the reasoning behind it. In Ohio, it is state law that children must use a belt positioning safety seat until they are 8 years old and 4'9" tall (57 inches). My daughter is NOT that tall, but she is 8, so she still needs to sit in a belt positioning seat. You will need to check your own states booster or safety seat requirements.

We have had a TON of snow this year and have barely left the house but we had a cheerleading competition this weekend and got to efficiently try out the booster on the way there. I'm sorry..."Seatbelt Positioning Seat". Yes thats what I told my daughter it was. A seat to help position the seatbelt the correct way around her tiny body, so that in case something tragic happened and we were in an accident, she would be fully protected. 

She wasn't happy about the idea, but agreed and ended up not evening noticing she was sitting on it. She didnt make a complaint at all, and I felt like she was safe. When we left the competition she was even able to buckle her seatbelt herself with the seat, so its very simple to use. Here are some photos...

Excuse my dirty seats, we have snow salt, and sludge up here!

The seat retails for just $39.99 and is available on Amazon

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