Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Castaway Bay Adventure!!

Man, oh man were we excited when we got invited to visit Castaway Bay as a family! Its cold up here in Ohio, and thinking about swimming is a far distant thought this time of year. We dream about it of course, but its MUCH too cold! We do however have some smart people up north who knew we would need some indoor swimming recreation, and one of them is CASTAWAY BAY at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH!

We have lived in Ohio for about 6 years now and our first trip to Cedar Point was LONG overdue, and we finally made it last summer and we had SO MUCH FUN! My daughter is 8 and we cant wait to go back! We just KNEW after how much fun Cedar Point was, that Castaway Bay wouldn't disappoint. The day we were scheduled to leave we had a SNOW DAY! The perfect day to have the day off school! We got to leave early to head towards Sandusky, even thought its only about an hour away. My daughter couldn't pack her bags fast enough!!!

When we arrived they had a ton of stuff available, not just the waterpark. They have an amazingly large arcade, which my husband and daughter wanted to stay there and sleep trough the night. LOL They had karaoke with snoopy, we colored cedar point towels, made sundaes, and even decorated some picture frames. We had SO much fun and I highly encourage everyone to check Cedar Point's Castaway Bay out! They have VERY reasonable rates compared to others in the area, and SO MUCH FUN! Here are some fun pictures of us below.

**We did receive a free stay at Castaway Bay to write a review, but all opinions are my own. None of this editorial was written or influenced by Castaway Bay. **

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