Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ella's Kitchen Review

My little guy just turned 10 months old yesterday!! It goes by way too fast and I seriously wish time would just slow down a bit. I have been nursing exclusively and letting him choose when he wants to eat solids. It has been such a slow start for solids for him, as most babies are eating two to three times a day now. I am really lucky if Brecken will eat a small breakfast and then maybe something else for lunch or dinner...or inbetweener (is that a word?). I am just happy he is starting to explore with his palate and eat food. 

Now that he is eating food, I am kind of selective with what he eats. I want him to get a great variety of foods, because my daughter didn't and she is SO PICKY. I also am very concerned with the safety of the food, since I am not making it myself, so I want to choose a trusted brand. Organic is a plus, ingredients that I can pronounce are a plus, also! I came across Ella's Kitchen and they agreed to allow me to test some of their foods out on Brecken and see what he thought!

They sent some cookies that they call "Yum Yummy Apple Ginger Baby Cookie". I ACTUALLY WANTED THIS!! I mean their packaging is so cute, I think they should make some adult foods too! Here is a photo of what the box would look like below. Brecken actually LOVED this, but he only has two teeth and was unable to bite it for awhile. He sucked on it for a LONG TIME. Once a child has top and bottom teeth this would be a good cookie, this goes for their Milk and Vanilla Cookies too!

Brecken still doesn't eat as much as other infants his age. I guess it is due to being exclusively nursed. We tried the Banana & Apricot & Baby Rice, and Brecken loved it! As you can see from the photos below..he pulled the spoon into his mouth and couldnt get enough! He ate it all! I have bought a few of these from the store now since he loves it so much. I actually do also try to taste his food and its pretty yummy. We also were sent the meal version of their level 2 foods, and it was a spaghetti meal. I ,unfortunately, only have one photo of him holding the package, because he wasn't a fan. I think it was too textured for him, but also he is a bit behind on the eating thing. 

Most 10 month olds, are eating atleast 2 meals a day and he still isn't. He is just happy as can be with only his boobie milk...and I am okay with that. I like that he will eat and explore his tastes, but I also love his cuddles. He wont be this little for very long, so Ill cherish these moments.

I HIGHLY encourage you to try some of Ella's Kitchens baby foods for your little one! We love them, and I think you and your little one will also. You can find them at a number of different retailers, but some are Kroger, Babies R Us, and Target! :-)

Visit Ella's Kitchen's website and check out their list of different products they carry, and head over to their Facebook and show them some LOVE! Tell them Samantha from Coupon Swag sent you!

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