Friday, September 6, 2013

Coupons from Widget! WELCOME!

I am so excited to announce our newest sponsor of Coupon Swag....Coupons by! is a widely used site that many people go to for questions to be answered from various experts. is also very well known for their many experts in different subjects and the people asking are confident with the answers they receive.

The company has allowed me to place a widget on the bottom of my blog for my readers to use. If you scroll to the very bottom you will see the green widget. This is an excellent tool to use to find coupons or codes available to save you money! There are 2 ways to use this...

1) Type in the place you'd like to search for a coupon for like "Gap" and click enter. Immediately it will take you to a new website on and will display all of the available active deals for you for Gap.
2) There is also a tab for top brands at the bottom of the widget, where you can lead your mouse to over over to see. The top brands I see at the moment include Oriental Trading Company, and when I click on that one, it directs me to a new webpage that displays all the available codes and coupons for that company.

So easy and simple to use, just give it a quick try on the bottom of the page, and be sure to think of it next time you are looking for a quick coupon for something!! :)

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  1. Hi contacted me about putting their widget on my site. How has your experience been?